Vitamin A used topically is one of the most important vitamins you could be using on your skin. The reason why so many clients have retinoid reactions (reactions to Vitamin A) is because the product containing the Vitamin A is incorrect in molecular structure. The skins cell receptors don’t recognise it, it sits on the surface of the skin due to incorrect delivery system and it causes a reaction.

Vitamin A in the correct form increases cell turnover, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the look of age spots and discolouration, normalises the skins and targets the DNA of skin cells to reprogram them. It is the Anti Ageing Vitamin!

Serum 16 by CosMedix has an enhanced encapsulation of Vitamin A and is the closest thing to prescription strength age defiance without a prescription. Safe on even the most sensitive Rosacea skins and available now with a consult at Elixir Skin Fitness. Your skin will love you for it.