Epidermal Levelling is the hybrid of hair removal with a microdermabrasion. This new and improved technology has the ability to instantly transform your skin into a glowy and healthy texture with immediately visible results. Dermal Therapist Rose uses a combination of treatments to finish of the procedure ensuring your skin is left with a long-lasting result.

Epidermal Levelling also known as Dermablading involves the latest insight into peeling, utilising enhanced exfoliation. It is a manual exfoliation procedure using a straight edge surgical blade/scalpel against the skin to exfoliate the epidermis. Effectively, Epidermal Levelling removes the top layers of dead skin cells and any vellus hair present on the skin. This treatment involves no downtime and does not cause any pain towards the patient. Epidermal levelling is available for all skin types, although a thorough consultation is recommended before this treatment can be commenced.

Epidermal Levelling delivers clients with immediately noticeable results. Immediately after the treatment, the lightness of the skin can be observed. Levelling ultimately is used to even the overall skin texture as well as reducing hyperkeratinised build up. This treatment has also been designed to increase the absorption of active products. In addition, it thins and compacts stratum corneum, increases firmness and elasticity in the skin, minimises fine lines/wrinkles as well as minimising sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

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