Experiencing PIGMENTATION and MELASMA? Would you like a CLEAR complexion?

Elixir Skin Fitness is SA’s certified clinic and offers the latest, cutting edge, specialised treatment to suitable candidates that want real results with a clear complexion.

MELASMA is a form of Pigmentation in the skin caused by pregnancy, birth control, medication, hormonal imbalances and even stress. This condition is seen often symmetrically on the face and appears as a ‘staining’ situated in the very deep layers of the skin.

DERMAMELAN and COSMELAN are the number 1 treatments in the World for MELASMA and Hyper Pigmentation.

A topical de pigmentation treatment removes stains from Melanin (pigment) associated with MELASMA, without heat, trauma and its non-cytotoxic.

Suitable for all skin types!

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Rose Bonasera of Elixir Skin Fitness is one of 40 certified Mesoestetic Specialised Depigmentation Centres in Australia! “Pigmentation is a skin condition that is certainly a major concern for my clients. Becoming a Specialised Depigmentation Clinic provides my clinic with a credible and competitive edge, offering specialised treatments and products that provide outstanding results in the treatment, management and prevention of pigmentation. My aim for my clients is for them to ‘look at a younger, fresher version of themselves.”

Take the journey and discover more about Dermamelan in a thorough and private consultation.dermamelan-small

Client Testimonial

A HEARTFELT Testimonial from my lovely client Marie who has had a wonderful shift in her life.

Here is what Marie has to say about her experience at Elixir Skin Fitness.

“After years of flawless skin, at the age of 40, I found myself with pigmentation on my cheeks. Given I have Indian skin, I was extremely nervous about the various treatments available, particularly laser. A friend recommended Dermamelan, as it is suitable for my skin type. I went for a Consultation with Rose Bonasera at Elixir Skin Fitness. Rose was extremely thorough, took photos of my skin to ensure I would be a suitable candidate for the treatment. She took me through the entire process, the timeframes for improvement and the expectations”

Marie then explains what happens after treatment,

“The days following the treatment, I was freaking out a little about my skin’s reaction… Even though it had all been explained to me, I needed extra assurance!  At all times, Rose was prompt to respond and gave me the confidence I needed that all was normal! I saw Rose on a weekly basis for a month following the treatment (at no cost). Her commitment to monitoring my results was exemplarily! As, for the results, I can now leave the house with little to no make-up.  It has improved my self-confidence and I am so happy I took the step to undergo this treatment. Thank you Rose for your special care and support to assist me with my pigmentation issues. I would recommend Rose to anyone who has pigmentations issues – she is a specialist in the field, so you can count on the right treatment option for you” says Marie.