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Elixir Skin Fitness is an innovative and integrative skin health clinic for both Men and Women.
Our philosophy is to change, integrate and educate our clients' lives by designing
personalised skin health treatment plans.  

Elixir Skin Fitness is all about prevention against accelerated ageing, managing inflammatory skin conditions and a healthy ageing approach to skin.

 Gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves as a whole person and the connection between our inner health, lifestyle and mindset to our skin health.  

About Us

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Our in clinic brands

We choose brand partnerships which are in alignment with our clinic philosophy, backed by science, to support the results from our in clinic procedures also a healthy skin and gut microbiome.

I have been seeing Rose for quite a while now and you are always greeted with a beautiful bubbly smile filled with warmth and genuine enthusiasm . Her dedication and passion in this industry is giving her clients the very best of skin care treatments and advice making them look good and feel good about themselves she has certainly made me feel so good about myself and confident with her expertise in skin care treatments and advice – would not see anyone one else xxxx.


Rosa has been my Facial Therapist for a long time now and I only have wonderful words to describe her treatments. I plan my day so I can enjoy her magic fingers & her magic potions, my skin says thank you and I fairly float out the door on cloud 9 – she’s the best!


There are many reasons why I go to Rosie not only because she is knowledgeable but also the marvellous treatments one receives. The calming, caring and professional ambience. Her ability to advise and listen to one’s concerns resulting in a very educational and fun experience.

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As skin care professionals we are dedicated to being at the forefront of the latest trends and cutting-edge technology in the skin health industry.

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Skin health

A unique skin diagnostic algorithm that can detect and grade 8 skin concerns and identify your skin’s strengths.

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