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Meet Rose

Director & Dermal Therapist

Rose Bonasera is a leading dermal therapist with over 20 years experience in the professional skincare industry. Her experience ranges from educator, dermal therapist, working with a leading Sydney plastic surgeon to running her own award-winning skin clinic.

Rose is the Director Elixir Skin Fitness and is driven to achieving incredible and sustainable results for her clients. Elixir Skin Fitness was voted by Vogue Australia as South Australia’s Best Skin Health Clinic in 2018.

Rose has a special interest in inflammatory skin conditions, extrinsic and intrinsic ageing and the connection between the skin, gut and internal health. Rose’s goal is to educate her clients on how they can look after their skin with an integrative approach, creating customised skin treatment plans for each client’s unique story.

Rose enjoys working in partnership with male and female clients to achieve positive changes in the appearance of their skin, and as a result, also increasing their self-confidence.

Rose is results driven and is passionate about working with some of the latest equipment devices available to achieve outstanding results for her clients. Rose also successfully runs Elixir Education Events every  year for existing and new clients, inviting industry-based guest speakers to continue educating her clients on an integrative approach to skin health and the generation prevention culture.

The Clinic

Your partners in self care We are your partners in achieving your goals and addressing the concerns with your skin health. Your experience at Elixir Skin Fitness is built on science, trust and diversity, where you can feel truly taken care of. Our consistent approach to your skin health journey creates a desired, sustainable influence to your skin, body, mindset and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

We want every client that enters our clinic to leave feeling empowered, educated and incredible, with a new found level of self confidence. A deeper understanding of themselves and an integrative approach to their skin health.

We are about lifestyle changes and  making more informed choices, addressing each area of our life that influences our skin health, how we look, feel, and think. Creating consistency and long-term change that keeps us looking good, feeling healthy and glowing no matter what age we are.

Each client has their own unique story and no two skins are alike.
Designing treatment plans to suit the individual client which is based on their skin's needs. We steer away from a superficial approach, rather a deeper understanding towards each client, which takes the thinking away for the client.

Trends have changed in skin health, and devices have changed which are more results-driven with minimal downtime, as clients are time-poor. We use cutting edge technologies as leaders in the skin health industry. Our clients have an appreciation for our clinic as we are dedicated to our own education and professional development.

We stay savvy, ahead of the game and are always looking to bring the latest up-to-date information to the clinic.


We improve quality of life and a sense of belonging to a like minded community


We integrate scientific strategies for a healthy skin and body


Education to improve your thought process and self confidence

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