Elixir Brides

Elixir Brides are in a league of their own.

Glowing Skin all the way to the altar and the honeymoon.
Ensuring your skin is event ready is a journey, read on to find out my tips for our Elixir brides.
Our aim for our Elixir Brides is to feel good, look good and achieve the healthiest, glowing skin, from the inside out


Timing and consistency are everything. To not only show up for appointments but also time prior to your event to ensure we can plan the correct treatment plan,  also an adequate amount of treatments to have my bride's skin wedding ready.

We prefer a minimum of 1 year before the event to allow adequate time to strategically plan a multi-factorial dermal therapy treatment plan. This will create sustainable change and the dreamy skin our clients are wanting to achieve for their special day.


Always a holistic and integrative approach, which means assessing each clients skin health fundamentally as a whole person.

During a thorough initial consultation, we consider diet, medical history, overall health, lifestyle, injestibles, gut health, skin care products and dermal therapy procedures in the lead up to the wedding day to ensure Elixir Brides are naturally glowing from the inside out.


The anticipation and build-up prior to an event, such as a wedding, can induce quite a lot of stress and anxiety for our clients.  The pressure of the event running smoothly as well as the Bride feeling and looking amazing can definitely increase stress on the body, which can also impact the skin barrier function.

Focussing on self-care in the lead-up to the wedding day will help to reduce the stress response on the body and the skin, assisting in achieving the best results from procedures.