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A comprehensive beauty experience from start to finish. Rose is highly-trained and a wealth of knowledge. I've never felt in safer hands - and left there glowing.


Amazing service and amazing people! Rose and Antonia are two people who do amazing things! I always look forward to going to my appointments!


After years of flawless skin, at the age of 40, I found myself with pigmentation on my cheeks. Given I have Indian skin, I was extremely nervous about the various treatments available, particularly laser.  A friend recommended Dermamelan, as it is suitable for my skin type. I went for a Consult with Rose Bonasera at Elixir Skin Fitness. Rose was extremely thorough, took photos of my skin to send to Dermamelan to ensure I would be a suitable candidate for the treatment. She took me through the entire process, the timeframes for improvement and the expectations.

The days following the treatment, I was freaking out a little about my skin’s reaction… Even though it had all been explained to me, I needed extra assurance! At all times, Rose was prompt to respond and gave me the confidence I needed that all was normal! I saw Rose on a weekly basis for a month following the treatment (at no cost). Her commitment to monitoring my results was exemplarily! As, for the results, I can now leave the house with little to no make-up. It has improved my self-confidence and I am so happy I took the step to undergo this treatment. Thank you Rose for your special care and support to assist me with my pigmentation issues. I would recommend Rose to anyone who has pigmentations issues – she is a specialist in the field, so you can count on the right treatment option for you.


There are many reasons why I go to Rosie not only because she is knowledgeable but also the marvellous treatments one receives. The calming, caring and professional ambience. Her ability to advise and listen to one’s concerns resulting in a very educational and fun experience.


I have been seeing Rose for quite a while now and you are always greeted with a beautiful bubbly smile filled with warmth and genuine enthusiasm . Her dedication and passion in this industry is giving her clients the very best of skin care treatments and advice making them look good and feel good about themselves she has certainly made me feel so good about myself and confident with her expertise in skin care treatments and advice – would not see anyone one else xxxx.


Rosa has been my Facial Therapist for a long time now and I only have wonderful words to describe her treatments. I plan my day so I can enjoy her magic fingers & her magic potions, my skin says thankyou and I fairly float out the door on cloud 9 – she’s the best!


Rose has been treating my skin since 2011 & up until I met Rose I thought facials were just a time to be pampered rather than an effective, anti – ageing regime which over time actually have significant results. Since working with Rose I now feel more confident, more radiant, and less a victim to unpredictable outbreaks of my skin. My skin has moistened & tightened & people are surprised I’m 40. I love the education & confidence Rose has given me in both the products & the treatments & I would not hesitate to put complete trust in her to gain the results in your skin whether it be to reduce the blemishes, wrinkles, oil or to tighten & pause the aging process. Rose is outstanding in her knowledge, skills & has a genuine passion to achieve the results you seek. I wish more people knew of her.


I was delighted when Rose decided to start her own business in 2014 and I’ve been a client at Elixir Skin Fitness since Day 1. Aging is challenging in so many different ways.  As a 67 soon to be 68 year old, I want to look my best and a regime of healthy eating, regular exercise and good skin care is my way of keeping ahead of game and making sure I look as good as possible for my age, without fillers, without Botox, without the knife. Rose has made a tremendous difference to my skin over the last 5 years.  Most importantly she started me on Medik8 products with Vitamin C and sunscreen in the morning and Vitamin A at night becoming my regular routine.

  • I love the fact that Medik8 is Ethical and 100% animal cruelty-free.
  • I love the fact that Medik8is simple to use. I’m a busy person and don’t have hours to spare in using multiple products.
  • I also love the fact that Medik8is only sold by well trained professionals like Rose so I’m guaranteed expert advice that is 100% relevant to my skin.

My favourite Medik8 products are SuperC30+ Intense Vitamin C, Crystal Retinal 10 Night Serum and Liquid Peptides.  These are my ‘go to’ products and they keep my skin looking fabulous. Over the last 5 years my skin has got better and better.  Pores reduced, hardly any wrinkles and a brightness that allows me to go without a heavy cover makeup base.  I constantly get comments about my skin and I have to give credit to Rose in guiding me on salon treatments and at home skin care with Medik8. I’ve learnt a great deal from Rose.  In particular that a good diet goes hand in hand with good skin and very importantly to invest in good skin care products that have a proven track record. Thank you Rose and thank you Medik8.


Rose is an exceptionally talented skin therapist who understands the individual needs of her clients. During the last two years Rose has mentored me to achieve a better balanced lifestyle and healthier vibrant skin. I have found Rose to be dedicated, passionate and supportive throughout all procedures and interventions. I love the fact that Rose takes a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellbeing. Rose always understands her clients and puts their needs first! I am excited that Rose will now be able to continue her individualised treatments in her own clinic! Congratulations Rose, you deserve ongoing successes, you’re a gem!


I had the pleasure of receiving treatments from Rose consistently over the last 6 months for the treatment of acne/scarring. Rose has transformed the overall appearance and health of my skin dramatically and is unlike any other beauty therapist I have met – an amazing woman that goes above and beyond ordinary beauty therapy and is passionate about skin health and strives for results. More than just a skin therapist, her ongoing support and advice has been a major positive influence on my life in general. I look forward to receiving further treatments from Rose at Elixir Skin Fitness and encourage anyone interested in improving their skin to do the same.


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