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Elixir Education events provide existing clients and new clients further knowledge and understanding on their connection to their inner health and skin health.  
Industry based guest speakers along with myself present further up to date education for clients on a deeper level on each avenue  included in an integrative  approach to skin health.
 Lifestyle, Diet, Gut Health, Stress, Medication, Mindfulness, Hormones, Immunity, Exercise, Supplements, Skin treatment procedures, Sleep, Injestibles  are all a part of the education process with the Elixir Education Events.

A community of like minded individuals in alignment with our core values and beliefs.

We love providing education for clients and I am very passionate about the Elixir Education Events as they empower clients to make more informed decisions when it comes to their skin, achieve a much deeper understanding of the culture in the clinic, providing clients with the confidence in our approach to their skin health.

New and existing clients will benefit from the Elixir Education Events. We are the generation of prevention so in particular the younger clientele will truly benefit from the Elixir Education Events as they will still gain a deeper understanding of how to prevent inflammatory skin conditions, accelerated ageing, and the skin and gut health connection.

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